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Why Buy From Us

Enjoy Life -- Motor Homing Provides Instant Gratuity You can pull over to the side of the road and prepare a hot cup of tea or coffee. You can take a nap. Or sleep all night without having to worry about packing and unpacking. You have the Freedom of the Road. You can have a different view every morning. Enjoy the fabulous state and national parks in America. Go on hiking trails, see beautiful waterfalls and historic sites. Florida has 161 state parks for you to enjoy. How many have you visited?
Why do we specialize in selling motor homes instead of cars?
We have been selling cars since 1957, but the competition in car buying on the wholesale market has driven the prices too high. We can provide better value to our customers by providing them with motor homes.
Why do we sell our motor homes at NO RESERVE - ABSOLUTE AUCTIONS?
We do not price our motor homes. We allow the new owner to price the motor home. Our No Reserve eBay auctions waste less time for us and for the buyer. Shorter turnaround time for us permits us to continuously sell at lower prices than our competition.
Why do our motor homes have such low mileage?
Motor home owners typically do not use them as commuter vehicles so the mileages are much lower than with cars. Plus our staff of professional buyers search out the lowest mileage items to offer to our customers.
How can we continue to sell low mileage motor homes thousands of dollars below retail book prices?
We can continue to sell at prices considerably below the retail book prices because of the great connections our staff of professional buyers have developed. We buy right so we can pass the savings to our customers.
Where do we find these extra clean low mileage motor homes?
We have developed a network of connections that enable us to search out the best buys for our customers. Our buyers buy in bulk. They buy several motor homes at one time in a group and are able to earn quantity discounts. They buy from banks, credit unions, estates, and trade-ins from franchised RV dealerships.
Why are we the number one RV seller on eBay for NO RESERVE - ABSOLUTE AUCTIONS?
We have been selling on eBay since 2001 and maintain a 100% Customer Satisfaction Feedback rating. Our customers have confidence in our dealership that we will provide the best value for their money.
Why do we provide a guarantee of Satisfaction or Money Back?
Sears provided the guarantee of Satisfaction or Money Bank in 1880 and became the number one catalogue seller in the USA. Sam Walton at Walmart did the same and his stores became the largest department chain in the world. We provide our customers the same satisfaction that we would like to receive when making a purchase.
Why do our customers like us?
Our staff cares about our customers and answers their questions promptly. Prior to delivery we provide a hands on two hour training of how to operate the motor home. We believe in the concept of CARE, Customers Are Really Everything.

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